ECE Fun Page

What would a conference be without some fun? We had such a good time with the circus and the band last year that we are bringing them back again.

Cirque d'Eclipse

circus On Tuesday afternoon, give in to your inner circus performer. Learn how to juggle, breathe fire (really!), or ride a unicycle. Then after the Stammtisch, see how the young professionals of Circus Rambazotti have perfected those skills. A big thanks to SAP for sponsoring the circus! fire

Club ECE

conga Club ECE on Wednesday features an open bar and our house band, Cool Down. Thanks to our friends at BSI for once again sponsoring the band's performance. We hope to see conga lines of software developers again! plugins

More Photos of 2012 Fun

bassist bsi guy juggling stammtisch
circus girl ground drone
adrian air lego
bar machine