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Call for Papers

Welcome to the Call for Papers page.

We are no longer accepting proposals for this year's conference.

Sponsors: Submissions are still open for sponsored talks. Please use this page to submit.

If you have questions that aren't answered below, please see the Submission FAQs or Speaker FAQs.

Please note: You must have an account and be logged in before you can submit a talk. If you have created a new account but are not able to log in, please confirm that you have activated the account. See this section of the Submissions FAQs for more information.

EclipseCon is about sharing best practices, insights, case studies, and innovations in the Eclipse community and in the wider world of software development. We want attendees to be educated and inspired after each talk, and we need your help to create a great program. We are pleased to be once again be co-locating with the OSGi Alliance Community Event 2013, adding more depth and expertise to the program.

Here are the themes for the 2013 conference:

  • Eclipse Technology. Eclipse is a host for a lot of great open-source projects such as Mylyn, Orion, Equinox, and Xtext, and technologies such as modeling, runtime, application lifecycle management, and so on. New tools and techniques and state-of-the-nation talks go here.
  • OSGi. ECE 2013 is co-locating with the OSGi Alliance Community Event. Choose this track if you are submitting for the OSGi Community Event.
  • Java. This is the category for submitting a talk about Java in general, advanced Java tooling in Eclipse, new language constructs and best practices around them, and/or Java 8 and beyond.
  • M2M / Embedded. If your presentation is about creating applications for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other M2M and embedded environments, then choose this track.
  • Building Industry Solutions. Eclipse has proven to be a powerful platform for building flexible and extensible applications. Many organizations are building platforms that address the needs of a specific industry, such as aerospace, automative, banking, insurance, and others. This track is for case studies that explore the technology, architecture, and policies required to build industry solutions.
  • Web Technology. If you want to talk about web frameworks, experiences in implementing Web applications or related topics, this is your category.
  • Other Cool Stuff. Not everything will fit easily into one of these themes. If your talk is one that's hard to categorize, submit it here!

If you aren't sure what track is the best fit for your submission, just take a best guess and the program committee may change it later.

The two Session Types are

  • Standard (35 minutes)
  • Tutorial (3 hours)

The submission deadline is August 18, 2013.

The program committee members are

  • Christian Campo, (chair)
  • Achim Lörke
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Simon Kaufmann
  • Cédric Brun
  • Jonas Helming
  • Martin Lippert
  • Sebastian Zarnekow
  • Susan Schwarze (OSGi Alliance)

Please note: We strongly encourage the actual speakers to submit their own proposals. We want speakers who are engaged with the community and really want to speak at the conference. Sometimes a third party will submit on a speaker’s behalf. The program committee will review all proposals, but proposals submitted by third parties will be given lower priority.