Architecture modeling using ArCon for Automatic Inspection and Domain Specific Modeling Support

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Eclipse Technology
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ArCon (Architecture Conformance Validation Tool) is an Eclipse plugin for automatic model (in model driven software development) inspection against defined architectural rules.
ArCon has recently been reviewed to become a project at the Eclipse Foundation and will soon migrate to Eclipse Repository. ArCon can be found here: and the proposal to Eclipse here: Architectural rules are formally modeled in a separate architecture UML-model with specific semantics. ArCon analyzes UML or SysML models against the rules extracted from the architecture model.
The talk will briefly address Architecture Driven Development and the purpose and rationale for ArCon. Then, shortly, the modeling of architectural rules will be discussed and how they can address different quality attributes realized in e.g. different patterns.
The major fraction of the talk will be hands on where ArCon will be demonstrated in a simple sample visualizing use of the automated inspection and lastly how ArCon can be used for Domain Specific Modeling support to the developer by actively modifying the menus and palettes etc of Eclipse and the modeling tool Papyrus or Topcased, based on what is allowed in the architecture model.

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29 October 15:45 - 16:20
Seminarräume 5