Virgo tooled up and ready for the future

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Extended [55 minutes]

The Virgo project provides excellent runtime technology for OSGi-based server applications and is getting more and more attention among OSGi developers and the Eclipse community. Beside the pure runtime technology, the Virgo project now also provides tooling for this runtime technology, the so called Virgo IDE. Based on the tooling for the dm Server (the predecessor of the Virgo runtime) this tooling is now developed by the Virgo project at Eclipse itself. It provides a rich set of features to ease the development of apps for the Virgo runtime, including tooling for Bundlor, PAR projects and bundle repositories. The talk will mostly be a live demo of the tooling, enhanced by some slides to give an overview of the roadmap, upcoming features and plans for the future - including the collaboration with the Libra project to provide excellent tooling for the world of Enterprise OSGi.


Sure, we can do that. Chris

Sure, we can do that. Chris and I adapted his abstract for this joint talk on Virgo:

Hope this is what you meant... :-)

Would it be possible that you

Would it be possible that you join your session with Chris's?