Telekom unified client - Eclipse RCP in large telecommunication provider

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

In this session you will see how our telecommunication company implemented its internal unified client solution based on the Eclipse Platform

Our solution targeted next business goals:
1. Reduce the number of applications used by our call-center agents while servicing our customers, and enable them higher service quality
2. Introduce a architectural consistency in self-developed solutions within our company, using one common platform - Eclipse Platform
3. Decommission our legacy systems following next strategies:
3a. give our business users single user interface platform (unified client) and canalize future business requirements toward that client
3b. establish a business object model (BOM) following the "domain driven design" (DDD) principles, and implement our core business code in the BOM
3c. shift the current responsibility of legacy systems back to plain data containers in order be able to decommission them and finally restructure legacy data containers (databases)

Here are the main Eclipse components we are using:
1. Eclipse IDE - we introduced our internal Eclipse Java IDE distribution, in order to enhance code quality and reach higher development productivity
2. Eclipse RCP - a basis for our unified client architecture
3. Eclipse Xtext - generation of our business object model - java code and documentation (confluence pages)

Here are some additional interesting facts:
1. Multiple development teams across three time zones – we have teams developing on the same code base in Vienna, Ukraine and India
2. Style guide - since usability was very important point, we have defined and developed our own style guide, trying to assure highest possible UI consistency and usability level
3. Multiple teams, multiple projects, single platform - we achieved to develop multiple projects on single platform at the same time, developing unified client and delivering it to customer every six weeks

About the company:
A1 ( is Austria's leading provider of telecommunication services, encompassing 5.1 million mobile communications customers and 2.3 million fixed access lines. The company was created out of the merger between Telekom Austria and mobilkom austria in July 2010.
A1 is a member of Telekom Austria Group ( is the leading telecommunications provider in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 22 million customers across its markets of operations.