Prêt-à-porter - Using Eclipse UOMo in the Fashion Industry

Session Type: 
Extended [55 minutes]

The Fashion and Beauty Industry has always been about Measurements and proper sizing. From the days of Roman architect and designer Vitruvius, famous for his work on proportions of the human body, through Renaissance geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo, often inspired by their antique role models, to modern day "Renaissance Men" like Armani or Karl Lagerfeld.
This session demonstrates various use cases for measurement based on UOMo and related technologies like the UCUM standard. The lifecycle of a fashion item picked from an online shop, kiosk or handheld device in store. Including B2B transactions using formats like EDI, ebXML, eTexML or Moda-ML with embedded UCUM for precise measurement of ordered pieces. Furthermore a Digital Model Sed Card (also called Comp Card in some countries), presenting all relevant measurements for each desired market or customer whether it is New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin or Tokyo. Beside a more flexible option to include different pictures for individual shows, it also provides models and agencies a paperless alternative saving the Rainforest. Where devices allow that, a digital sed card can be exchanged using Bluetooth or other Services. Which again use the UCUM standard for accurate transfer of measurements. Allowing display in Centimetres, Feet/Inch, Pound or Kilogram and any other figure, a Top Model needs.