How to merge your Ecore files

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

EMF Ecore models are often used to generate code for data models in Eclipse applications. Even E4 uses EMF to describe its data, the workbench model. EMF Ecore models are stored in Ecore files and are version-controlled by a source code repository such as SVN, CVS or Git. However these repositories do not offer specific support for merging Ecore files and therefore merging is difficult and error-prone.
EMFStore offers support for conflict detection and merging including Ecore, but it requires the installation of a server instance in addition to the existing source code repository.
In this talk we will present the project 'EMFStore Teamprovider' to leverage the conflict and merging capabilities of EMFStore while still storing all data into the respective source code repository. This eliminates the need for an installation of an EMFStore server and still offers model-based merging. During the talk we demonstrate an initial prototype.