EGit 1.0 and Beyond

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Standard [25 minutes]

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EGit 1.0 shipped with Indigo. Curious what's in ? What comes next with 1.1 shipping with Indigo SR1 ? We'll show some of the new features and give an outlook.

Our favorit companion tool to EGit is Gerrit Code Review. We will explain how it became the heart of our development process helping us to review and jointly work on contributions. We think it's the silver bullet to grow your project's community. And don't get jealous: webmaster is on the way to make Gerrit available to all Eclipse projects.

GitHub became the biggest project forge and is used by many developers in the Eclipse community, we will show how EGit's GitHub-Mylyn connector jumps in to bring GitHub closer to Eclipse.

Slides are available here.


Hi Matthias, Hi Chris, Hi

Hi Matthias, Hi Chris, Hi Kevin

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