Eclipse EIP Designer Framework

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Standard [25 minutes]

We would like to talk about a project that would help to build a common framework for designing Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) diagrams.

Right now there are multiple open source tools available on the market, such as:

  • Talend Designer
  • Camel Route Builder
  • Fuse Route Builder
  • JBoss Smooks Tooling

All these tools are developed based on mixture of frameworks like EMF, GMF, GEF, etc. We believe all of these tools have much in common, so an open source base framework developed under the Eclipse Foundation will save allot of efforts from all sides. We also believe that such project could be a potential basis for many other tools which do not exists today. For example Apache Camel is very successful Apache framework that might become an exemplary implementation for EIP Designer Framework.


Thank you for your comment,

Thank you for your comment, Christian. We would like to initiate a new project in the Eclipse foundation where Apache Foundation framework (in this case Camel) can be used as exemplary runtime implementation.

And yes, we at Talend are right now evaluating to move some of our (already open-sourced) code to Eclipse Foundation, however we not sure which parts would be most interesting for community, and wherever it would be worth to move it now or just create a new project from scratch.

We are getting an extensive support from our partners (like Bonita) and our history of eclipse contributions (Eclipse SOA, Swordfish) give us a level of confidence in Eclipse Foundation, however we would like to evaluate feedback and present our ideas during our talk on EclipseCon.

The abstract seems to

The abstract seems to conclude the current state. However it doesnt talk about the content of the talk. Since Apache will probably not move Camel to the Eclipse Foundation, are you proposing a new project in the Eclipse Foundation ? Is there a proposal somewhere ?

Is Talend planning to move any of the above tools to Eclipse ?

So in other words is the link with Eclipse that you are based on many Eclipse modeling projects or are you planning to create/move EIP software within the eclipse eco system ?