Developing runtime applications with Eclipse Gyrex

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3.5 hours]

The Eclipse Gyrex project is a platform for building OSGi runtime applications in a cloud-like infrastructure. It separates operational aspects from development and it uses as much of existing Eclipse concepts and technologies as possible - plug-ins, features, HttpService, extension & extension points, Eclipse Preferences API, Eclipse Jobs API and a lot more.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to build runtime applications with Gyrex. We'll be developing a small example application step-by-step. Each step will introduce you to a key concept which emphasizes the Gyrex vision - flexibility, scalability and simplicity. At the end you will have a solid base for your next runtime application.

The following topics will be covered.

  • Define and register a web application.
  • Develop a service which accesses a datastore and expose the service as a REST JSON service.
  • Implement background processing using Eclipse Jobs API and schedule it using a Quartz.
  • Setup a private cloud of Gyrex servers and learn how to scale dynamically.
  • Deploy the application with p2 into the Gyrex cloud.
  • Monitor and debug your runtime application.

Detailed tutorial material will be given to attendees so that they can perform the steps themselves after the tutorial. Attendees are required to bring a notebook with a working Java 6 VM. They also need to be familiar with the following topics.

  • Java (good programmer)
  • Servlets