Deploying the new POJO BIRT Runtime

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Extended [55 minutes]

With the Indigo release the BIRT project now has a new runtime. This runtime is POJO based and offers easier deployment than previous versions of BIRT. This presentation will take you through the various ways the new POJO BIRT Engine and BIRT Viewer can be deployed and extended. This will include topics such as deploying the BIRT Engine with Spring, integration with JBoss SEAM, the BIRT Viewer architecture and creating your own servlet using the BIRT Engine.

Topics covered include:
BIRT Overview and Architecture:
BIRT Deployment:
BIRT Viewer Architecture

BIRT POJO Viewer deployment with Spring
Injecting Spring Context into the BIRT designer
BIRT POJO Engine Deployment in a JBoss SEAM Component

Customizing the BIRT Viewer
Using the BIRT Tag Libraries

Using the APIs within a Sevlet
Sharing the BIRT plugins
Using BIRT in your RCP Application


Christian, Thanks for the


Thanks for the comment. I should have been clearer. I intended that this talk be more of a small tutorial with very little PPT slides and a lot of examples. In the BIRT community Spring and JBoss SEAM are very popular and integrating the two with BIRT is always a popular topic in the newsgroups and forums. This talk shows working examples and details how to generate a BIRT report within a SEAM component. We would also cover things like adding Spring Components to the BIRT JavaScript expression builder for an integrated design time experience. If it is better I can reduce the number of examples and change this to a normal talk.


Jason, I have a hard time,


I have a hard time, understanding really what is exciting and interesting about this topic and abstract.

You have a large list of topics that you plan to cover but no real content what you plan to talk about within this topic.

For instance in the list of topics, if you replace the word "BIRT" or "Birt POJO" with any other framework that you know ("RCP") than i.e. "RCP Overview" "RCP Deployment" "RCP Viewer Architecture" would be an equally valid list. Nothing is mentioned about what is in the content of such a topic that attracts people.

Also keep in mind that its pretty hard to justify an extended talk slot. Maybe you rather like to have a little more focus on a certain more interesting piece and have a more detailed section about this.

just a thought

christian campo