Death of the Desktop: Rethinking the "Application"

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

Now, more than ever, Eclipse is a superb platform for developing many different types of applications using various language and technologies. And now, more than ever, developers need to rethink what a software "application" is. With the ongoing impact of the Web, the emergence of smartphones and tablet computers, widgets, cloud and server computing, exactly what an application is and where it lives is being reconsidered.

In this session, we’ll explore ideas for targeting smartphones, tablets, the web and more for your applications. We’ll challenge your conception of what an app is and discuss spanning software solutions across multiple device platforms and technologies. Attendees will leave the session with a fresh perspective on how Eclipse and Eclipse Orion can become core tools in this new vision for application development.

Jon Dearden is a senior developer for Research in Motion working on Eclipse-based tooling for Java and Web. Jon has been a contributor to the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java project, worked with the Pulsar team, and presented at Eclipse conferences. He was the grand prize winner of the e4 Mars Rover Challenge at EclipseCon 2010.