Continuous Integration with Eclipse Hudson CI – what a year!

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Extended [55 minutes]

It's been quite a year for the Hudson Community, and it’s leading open source continuous integration server tool. Whether you are an experienced Hudson user or thinking of starting down the CI path come along to this session and see the tool in action and hear more about the great future that is unfolding for the Hudson community and role of the Eclipse foundation in the future.


I plan to demo an overview of

I plan to demo an overview of Hudson - installation, overview of plugins, creating and running a job and the integration with Maven. Then talk about the future of Hudson - where it is in the process for joining Eclipse (may be fully in by then), how to access and get information, raise issues, take part in the community, and what our roadmap is for new features. Finally show some different examples of Hudson in action - its use at Eclipse itself, other public sites and perhaps some of the ways it is being used by Oracle internally.

From your abstract a lot is

From your abstract a lot is left to the imagination about what you actually plan to talk about.
Can you provide more details and more text for this extended talk ?

So is this a review of the past, plans for the futures, what tools are you planning to show, basically why do I want to go to this talk (or have it in the program).

christian campo