Bonita Studio: integrating challenging Eclipse technologies into an Eclipse RCP application through the application of structured development methodology

Session Type: 
Extended [55 minutes]

Bonita Studio* is an application widely used in multiple industries, based on Eclipse RCP. In this case study, we'll show how we are continuing to develop this fully-functional BPM platform by applying software development methodologies to manage application development, and how we have integrated multiple Eclipse products using this approach.

This talk will describe our experience using:
- Release Engineering;
- PDE build;
- Model Driven Development, Scrum, Code Generation;
- Hudson/Jenkins; and
- Quality Assurance : Automatic (JUnit, SWTBot, Selenium) and manual tests.

We will also address some of the more interesting and challenging Eclipse projects we have integrated using these methodologies:
- Jetty 7: hot deploy in programmatic mode and jaas auth;
- JDT: develop Bonita Connectors (generate skeleton, refactor);
- GReclipse: integrate Groovy editor inside a wizard and inject Bonita context;
- BIRT: integrate editor and views;
- Datatools: integrate graphical editor to generate SQL request and inject Bonita context; and
- Nebula: use Gallery to have a user-friendly chooser with overview.

Bonita Studio is the design component of Bonita Open Solution (a Business Process Management Suite) which won the 2011 Eclipse Community Award for Best Modeling Application.