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25 min to take care of your end users with EEF!

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Standard [25 minutes]

It's end of incubation time for the Extended Editing Framework. With Indigo release train, the EEF has reached version 1.0. Every Eclipse user can install it and create good looking editor for its EMF models.

This talk will present how to enhanced the user experience of your application with EEF. EEF is able to generate many parts of graphical interface to edit EMF model. Each element generated with EEF uses dedicated widgets to edit element properties and benefits from the services offered by the EEF runtime component.

You will see during the session each step to perform to go from the basic treeview editor generated by EMF to a really productive multi-page editor generated with EEF. The last part of the session will present the future of EEF and the next features that will be add to the component for the next releases.


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