Legacy OSGi: when frameworks become mature it is time to reconsider

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Standard [25 minutes]

Being an early OSGi adopter when nothing but a blank container like Equinox was available, required to build a big amount of infrastructure technologies and services like system management, common logging, security interceptors for authentication and authorization as well as integration with web containers for building end user and management UIs. In the long term a noticeable number of developers was occupied to maintain this infrastructure and we fell behind any innovations in this area.

Introducing Virgo 3.5 – get a taste of the future!

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Tutorial [3.5 hours]

Virgo is already comfortable in Eclipse space reaching its 3.0.0 release, while p2 looks for new opportunities.
With 3.5 we mark an important step in Virgo’s evolution – integration with p2 as deployment mechanism.
It’s rapid performance makes Virgo faster than ever. Join us to learn what else you can benefit and to see how the Virgo world has evolved.

After this tutorial you’ll be comfortable in the new p2 environment to :
• Develop your app with the Virgo IDE
• Find your dependencies in a blink of an eye and build against them easily
• Provision and deploy it on a Virgo 3.5 server

Virgo tooled up and ready for the future

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Extended [55 minutes]

The Virgo project provides excellent runtime technology for OSGi-based server applications and is getting more and more attention among OSGi developers and the Eclipse community. Beside the pure runtime technology, the Virgo project now also provides tooling for this runtime technology, the so called Virgo IDE. Based on the tooling for the dm Server (the predecessor of the Virgo runtime) this tooling is now developed by the Virgo project at Eclipse itself.

All About Virgo

Session Type: 
Extended [55 minutes]

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An introduction to Virgo 3.0 (, an open source application server from EclipseRT. Virgo is a completely modular OSGi based, standards compliant, Java enterprise application server. Learn how Virgo supports modular application at development, deployment and management time.

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