Understanding Apricot: a Content Repository

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

Overview of Apricot, a state of the art Content Repository and initial contribution to Eclipse.

This talk will provide the audience with a global understanding of what is Apricot and more generally what is a Content Repository from a functional standpoint: exploring all the services it offers, identifying the main standards and technologies integrated within a framework of this caliber, such as the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS), and understanding the main technical challenges to be resolved, in particular high scalability and high performance.

Introducing Apricot - The Eclipse Content Management Platform

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

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Apricot is the core of the Nuxeo Content Management Platform and was
recently contributed to Eclipse as an RT project.
This talk is mainly about introducing Apricot and about leveraging our
experience in developing large scale software platforms using OSGi and
an extension point model.
This session will dive into the approach used, how the platform
evolved over the past 3 years regarding OSGi, how Nuxeo built the
extension system, how the UI has been modularized, and how the
platform can now be deployed on traditional Java server containers

Introducing Virgo 3.5 – get a taste of the future!

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3.5 hours]

Virgo is already comfortable in Eclipse space reaching its 3.0.0 release, while p2 looks for new opportunities.
With 3.5 we mark an important step in Virgo’s evolution – integration with p2 as deployment mechanism.
It’s rapid performance makes Virgo faster than ever. Join us to learn what else you can benefit and to see how the Virgo world has evolved.

After this tutorial you’ll be comfortable in the new p2 environment to :
• Develop your app with the Virgo IDE
• Find your dependencies in a blink of an eye and build against them easily
• Provision and deploy it on a Virgo 3.5 server

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