rich client platform

An eclipse client server architecture with asynchronous messaging based on XMPP

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Standard [25 minutes]

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In this talk I will present you how we leverage the XMPP protocol with a simple Smack/Apache Vysper stack to make our e4 rich client become responsive and alive whenever callbacks in the otherwise service oriented communication are missing.

Developing Rich Clients with Eclipse 4.1 RCP

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3.5 hours]

In this tutorial Kai will give an overview about the new features of the Eclipse 4.1 Rich Client Platform. He will cover the following topics:

  • Eclipse 4.1: What's new compared with 3.x?
  • "Hello, World" RCP 4.1 Application
  • Workbench Model
  • Toolbar, Menus, Parts, Commands and Handlers
  • Dependency Injection
  • Services ("The Twenty Things")
  • Rendering Engine
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