Java 7 - State of the Enterprise

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Standard [25 minutes]

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With Java 7 being GA you can start thinking about putting it to work in the Enterprise. But what are the challenges? How does the adoption path look like? What are the reasons you should do it and when? This session looks at the details about putting Java 7 into production. Tells you about things to keep in mind and gives a brief overview about how Enterprises would put it into production.

Wake up and smell the JPA: Experiences with migrating from Hibernate to EclipseLink

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Extended [55 minutes]

Although Hibernate had been with us from the beginning of development, our decision to create an Eclipse Project from our product meant removing Hibernate and replacing it with a persistence provider that is Eclipse IP conform – in our case EclipseLink.

Changing the abstraction layer for a database is a mammoth task, and one which is filled with risk. Faced with different concepts, syntax, and implmentation details, the program must maintain the same features, functionality and performance as before the switch – and preferably not introduce any more issues.

Integrate Oracle Forms in an Eclipse RCP/RAP application

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Standard [25 minutes]

In lots of back office applications throughout Europe Oracle Forms is a very widely used framework. However, although Oracle has said that there are no plans to de-support Oracle Forms, it is not unthinkable that support will end sooner or later. Oracle encourages their Forms customers to migrate to Oracle ADF.

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