Generating complete JSON/XML Rest Webservice functionality using EMFT Texo, Jetty and EclipseLink

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

This talk and demo shows how easy it is to generate fully functional JSON/XML REST webservices from an ecore model and deploying the generated artifacts in an OSGI environment using Jetty and EclipseLink.

Wake up and smell the JPA: Experiences with migrating from Hibernate to EclipseLink

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Extended [55 minutes]

Although Hibernate had been with us from the beginning of development, our decision to create an Eclipse Project from our product meant removing Hibernate and replacing it with a persistence provider that is Eclipse IP conform – in our case EclipseLink.

Changing the abstraction layer for a database is a mammoth task, and one which is filled with risk. Faced with different concepts, syntax, and implmentation details, the program must maintain the same features, functionality and performance as before the switch – and preferably not introduce any more issues.

Click out your JPA model

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

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We'll talk about a graphical JPA Diagram Editor for Eclipse IDE meant to create, view, and edit JPA business data diagrams. It allows the user to create her/his JPA business model with a few clicks and view, store and edit its diagram.

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