Generating complete JSON/XML Rest Webservice functionality using EMFT Texo, Jetty and EclipseLink

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

This talk and demo shows how easy it is to generate fully functional JSON/XML REST webservices from an ecore model and deploying the generated artifacts in an OSGI environment using Jetty and EclipseLink.

Managing large and distributed Eclipse Server Applications

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

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Over the last two years, AGETO created a large Eclipse based web application. It runs in a distributed environment within two data centers. A common platform is used which is entirely based on EclipseRT Open Source components. The application can be extended dynamically at runtime to suite the needs of many tenants. In order to scale with tenant needs – especially at high-traffic times – nodes can be added and removed from the deployment at runtime.

Bonita Studio: integrating challenging Eclipse technologies into an Eclipse RCP application through the application of structured development methodology

Session Type: 
Extended [55 minutes]

Bonita Studio* is an application widely used in multiple industries, based on Eclipse RCP. In this case study, we'll show how we are continuing to develop this fully-functional BPM platform by applying software development methodologies to manage application development, and how we have integrated multiple Eclipse products using this approach.

This talk will describe our experience using:
- Release Engineering;
- PDE build;
- Model Driven Development, Scrum, Code Generation;
- Hudson/Jenkins; and
- Quality Assurance : Automatic (JUnit, SWTBot, Selenium) and manual tests.

Mobile and Enterprise Communication: Eclipse RT makes it easy

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3.5 hours]

Push Informations between mobile and enterprise using Eclipse RT


You probably know that you can develop great Enterprise Business Apps using Eclipse Projects,
but what if your customer has to integrate mobile Devices ?

Eclipse again is your friend to put your Business Apps into the pocket.

Creating a mobile Business App is not as easy as the Apps look like ;-)

Make the right decisions

* Which platform ? ( iOS, Android, WP7, BlackBerry)
* Which kind of device ? (Smartphone, Tablet)
* How To push data to the devices ?

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