Breaking the Rules with Eclipse Enterprise Generation Language

Session Type: 
Extended [55 minutes]

Enterprise Generation Language, or EGL, is a proven, application-focused programming language that breaks the rule that says developing apps for multiple platforms and devices means using multiple languages, technologies, and programming models. EGL does this through an extensible infrastructure that supports compilation into other languages, like Java and JavaScript.

Extending Orion

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3.5 hours]

Orion, the Eclipse incubator project, is an open tool integration platform which is entirely focused on developing for the web, in the web. While it’s still in early development, the basics are already out there. So why don’t you come and see how the web solves the same problems we’ve been solving on desktop?
Building on experiences gathered while working on PHP plug-in for Orion, we'd like to get you acquainted with extending this new web platform.

During this hands-on tutorial you will:
- get basic understanding of Orion architecture and services
- extend Orion to support your favorite language
- build your own website that smoothly integrates with Orion
- learn the other ways that you can extend Orion nowadays

Jet pack your way into mobile app development

Session Type: 
Extended [55 minutes]

With the increasing number of mobile platforms today - Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc, it is becoming a herculean task for the developers to not just make sure that their application works on different configurations of each platform, but also across these various platforms without any glitches. Porting apps is not very trivial and the tools to do that, not very mature. The good news is that with a few Eclipse-based tools and other open source tools such as PhoneGap, Maqetta and Orion, one can easily create cross-platform apps without having to duplicate all the code.

JavaScript at Eclipse

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

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Maligned in its infancy JavaScript has grown with the web to emerge as an important language for the professional developer. JavaScript is not an easy language to tool and despite an increased will to improve the situation the efforts at Eclipse so far haven't produced anything of similar caliber to JDT. What might be needed is a different approach that leverages lessons learned from Smalltalk tooling.

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