Java 7

Java EE 7: the Voyage of the Cloud Treader

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Standard [25 minutes]

This session shares an entertaining insight on where the voyage of Java EE 7 shall be heading.
Beside embracing stars like CDI further, the Cloud, Social Networking, NoSQL and even long asleep JSRs for EE are going to play a role, as do "good old friends" in slightly newer outfits and releases. Plus some recent additions to the Java stack.

Java 7 and other new stuff in JDT

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

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The talk will demo the new features in JDT with focus on Java 7 such as new quick fixes/assists, cleanups, refactorings, new features in content assist, compiler etc. It will also demonstrate the exciting new and noteworthy items coming in JDT 3.8.

This talk assumes that attendees already have a basic understanding of the Java 7 language changes.

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