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Automatic generation of a diagram editor for the Web from GMF models.

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Standard [25 minutes]

The Graphical Modeling Framework is an advanced and well recognized framework for writing and automating the creation of visual diagram editors. But there are not much tools helping move those GMF diagrams to a Web application.

A Fresh Look At Graphical Editing

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

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Graphical editing frameworks have been in around in the Eclipse ecosystem for years. Still, implementing a nice and usable graphical editor is either considered complex (GMF) or requires writing a lot of code (GEF, Graphiti).

In this session, I want to have a fresh look at the topic: What is the price of graphical editors as opposed to graphical views? Is it necessary to hard wire the mapping from the semantic to the graphical elements in code? How can we speed up the development turnarounds when implementation changes? Then I am going to demonstrate a new generic graphical view framework.

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