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The Making of the OPEES Industrial Working Group

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Software consumers in domains like aerospace have to face different issues than the traditional software industry when creating Embedded Software:

  • The software embedded in a spatial mission needs to be supported for more than 40 years in response to the lifetime of the mission.
  • The software embedded in an aircraft flight command system must be "certified" according to aircraft safety standards, including the tooling used to produce this software.

Software Product Lines for Embedded Systems with eTrice

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Standard [25 minutes]

The increasing complexity, need for safety and variability and fast time to market are the major challenges for the development of future embedded systems applications. Software Product Lines (SPLs) are a very powerful approach to handle those issues.

This talk will show how some of the biggest technical problems of SPLs can be addressed with the eTrice project and the ROOM language.

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