Xdoc -- a DSL for Eclipse Plugin Documentation

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Creating an Eclipse Plugin help can be a tedious task. Often Mylyn Wikitext is used but unfortunately, it is not well suited for code centric documentation. That is where Xdoc comes in. Xdoc is a markup language especially designed for Eclipse Plugin documentation. The tooling that comes with Xdoc features generators for Eclipse Help plugins, Eclipse Phoenix framework based websites and printable PDF documents.

The Xdoc language was designed having several goals in mind:

"Vanilla" Eclipse UI Considered Harmful

Session Type: 
Standard [25 minutes]

The "Vanilla" Eclipse RCP user interface does not meet the requirements of the market. What works for software developers, does not necessarily meet the expectations of modern business professionals. The default Eclipse UI is - frankly speaking - offending to usability experts, graphic designers, and business professionals. Usability is a key requirement for business-critical applications intended for casual users!

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