Balancing Architecture and Documentation Needs of the Eclipse Community

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Extended [55 minutes]

As software projects evolve and grow their success often results in them being less adaptable to the needs of both the development and the user communities. For a variety of subtle reasons many projects make it hard for developers to contribute.

Even agile projects, known for responding to user needs, have rapidly evolving architectures, and therefore result in any useful documentation to get out-of-date.

The reality in software development is that having accurate and useful documentation is a pain.

The Making of the OPEES Industrial Working Group

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Software consumers in domains like aerospace have to face different issues than the traditional software industry when creating Embedded Software:

  • The software embedded in a spatial mission needs to be supported for more than 40 years in response to the lifetime of the mission.
  • The software embedded in an aircraft flight command system must be "certified" according to aircraft safety standards, including the tooling used to produce this software.
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