collaborative modeling


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Standard [25 minutes]

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This talk does not include a demo.

This entire talk is the demo! In order to present the unparalleled benefits of the CDO Model Repository I won't bore you to death with endless PowerPoint slides about scalable object graphs, queries and transactions, pluggable data back-ends, offline modes, audits or branches. I'll rather take you on a 3D trip into the world of CDO, modeled with EMF, driven by itself. Sit back and see how Eclipse technology can boost your data application. Please fasten your seat belts...

Jet pack your way into mobile app development

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Extended [55 minutes]

With the increasing number of mobile platforms today - Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc, it is becoming a herculean task for the developers to not just make sure that their application works on different configurations of each platform, but also across these various platforms without any glitches. Porting apps is not very trivial and the tools to do that, not very mature. The good news is that with a few Eclipse-based tools and other open source tools such as PhoneGap, Maqetta and Orion, one can easily create cross-platform apps without having to duplicate all the code.

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