Getting Started with BIRT (Presented by Actuate)

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Sponsored Workshop

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The "BIRT Tutorial: Getting started with BIRT" course is a short, 90-minute instructor-led training session designed to help users get a taste of BIRT and create their first reports. It includes sample chapters taken from our full BIRT training course:
· Creating a simple listing report
· Formatting a report
· Creating reports that use parameters
· Creating charts
· Creating hyper-links
· Using Flash gadgets
· Building BIRT Dashboards
· Mobilize your BIRT reports

Simple Stable Flexible = Eclipse Scout

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Standard [25 minutes]

In this talk we will show you the real power of Eclipse Scout.

The simplicity of Eclipse Scout: Spend time with your customers, save time parsing wiki pages.
The stability of Eclipse Scout: Spend time with your customers, save time finding bugs.
The flexibility of Eclipse Scout: Fit all needs of your customers.

Livedemos and impressions of implementations from our customers will show you how simple, stable and flexible Eclipse Scout really is.

Deploying the new POJO BIRT Runtime

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Extended [55 minutes]

With the Indigo release the BIRT project now has a new runtime. This runtime is POJO based and offers easier deployment than previous versions of BIRT. This presentation will take you through the various ways the new POJO BIRT Engine and BIRT Viewer can be deployed and extended. This will include topics such as deploying the BIRT Engine with Spring, integration with JBoss SEAM, the BIRT Viewer architecture and creating your own servlet using the BIRT Engine.

Topics covered include:
BIRT Overview and Architecture:
BIRT Deployment:
BIRT Viewer Architecture

Bonita Studio: integrating challenging Eclipse technologies into an Eclipse RCP application through the application of structured development methodology

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Extended [55 minutes]

Bonita Studio* is an application widely used in multiple industries, based on Eclipse RCP. In this case study, we'll show how we are continuing to develop this fully-functional BPM platform by applying software development methodologies to manage application development, and how we have integrated multiple Eclipse products using this approach.

This talk will describe our experience using:
- Release Engineering;
- PDE build;
- Model Driven Development, Scrum, Code Generation;
- Hudson/Jenkins; and
- Quality Assurance : Automatic (JUnit, SWTBot, Selenium) and manual tests.

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