Application lifecycle management

Understanding the intricacies of Eclipse Hudson plugin development

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Hudson Continuous Integration Server is highly extensible and provides many extension points to extend the core platform and develop plugins. Several aspects of the core such as Version Control, Builders, Publishers and Recorders can be extended. Plugins provide their own configuration of these functionalities by providing fragments of views that are dynamically included in the configuration of the project or build. Plugins participate in the overall configuration of the Hudson platform itself.

Continuous Integration with Eclipse Hudson CI – what a year!

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Extended [55 minutes]

It's been quite a year for the Hudson Community, and it’s leading open source continuous integration server tool. Whether you are an experienced Hudson user or thinking of starting down the CI path come along to this session and see the tool in action and hear more about the great future that is unfolding for the Hudson community and role of the Eclipse foundation in the future.

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