Stoyan Rachev

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Stoyan Rachev
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Software Architect
software development, software design, software architecture, software engineering, software lifecycle management, agile, Java, Eclipse, OSGi, SAP NetWeaver, Maven, ALM, Android, GWT

I have 16+ years professional experience in software development, as well as people and project management; 9 years at SAP.
- At SAP, I am currently a software architect and agile software engineering coach.
- Previously at SAP, I built the Software Logistics Sofia team, managing its engagement in multiple projects and releases and leading it through several waves of organizational and process change.
- I have extensive technical background and expertise in Java development, software architecture, and agile methods, as well as software logistics (installation and upgrade), especially in the area of SAP NetWeaver Java stack.
- I am interested in technology, programming, software architecture, and agile in general.

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