Top 5 Talks: John Arthorne


John Arthorne is the ECon 2013 Program Committee Chair and a Senior Software Developer at IBM. He has worked on the Eclipse and Equinox projects for the past decade in many different areas. John was the main developer on the resource model for many years, and designed the platform's concurrency infrastructure. In recent years he has focused on the Orion project, provisioning (p2), e4, and overall platform API quality. He is also a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, Planning Council, Eclipse Project PMC, and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors.

As PC chair, John knows the session schedule like the back of his hand! His top 5 talks are:

  • Equinox: Improving and Evolving the Core Framework
    A detailed look at how the Equinox framework is evolving to modernize the implementation and prepare for Java modularity. This is the biggest overhaul of the Equinox implementation since it came to Eclipse, and here is a detailed explanation straight from the project lead and main framework developer.
  • Bling: The GPU powered Game IDE
    A really cool example of the radical new kinds of applications you can build with the new Eclipse 4 architecture. While most users of the Eclipse IDE have not yet seen the true power of Eclipse 4, this talk highlights what is now possible.
  • Merging technologies to bring 3D printing status to the web
    3D printing is a hot emerging technology, but what's really exciting about this talk is a demonstration of machine to machine architectures. Our world is filling up with lots of internet-connected devices, and enabling these devices to connect with each other and collaborate autonomously opens up fascinating new possibilities. Eclipse is at the center of this transformation, both at the level of tools, and in the runtimes making it happen.
  • Are you user friendly? Improve your designs and delight your customers with fast and easy user feedback
    Many developers don't give a lot of thought to user experience issues, but it is a very important part of the eventual success of any software. This talk is a good opportunity for developers who might not be experts in usability to get some practical tips and become a more well-rounded developer.
  • Building an in-house Eclipse support team
    A lot of companies struggle with how to manage adoption of open source software in their organization. This talk gives an experience report from Ericsson on how they handled open source adoption in a large enterprise. Just about every organization is adopting open source technologies in some form and can learn some lessons from Ericsson's approach.

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