Top 5 Talks: Cédric Brun


Cédric Brun strive to build great products in Eclipse and on Eclipse. CTO at Obeo, member of the Eclipse Modeling PMC, Architecture and Planning councils, project lead of EMF Compare, Amalgam, commiter on Acceleo and Mylyn Intent.

Here are the talks he picked for his top 5:

  • You're Not Failing Fast Enough! - best practices for an agile build system
    Atlassian gave an inspiring talk about their continuous deployment pivot last year, I'm looking forward to
    this new talk which focuses more on the build/test loop. I expect to get back at work with new ideas to try.
  • EMF.Edit: the Force Unleashed!
    EMF has a lot of hidden gems and .Edit is one of them. It is often not known very well whereas it provides incredibly useful services. The way it's architectured in itself is also highly interesting and should probably be reproduced more often. You'll learn and in the end you'll save both time and code.
  • Become an Eclipse Committer in 20 min and fork the Eclipse IDE
    Always wondered how you could change Eclipse itself besides providing external plugins ? The Eclipse project being one
    of the most complex and having seen major improvements in this area in the previous couple of years, I'm pretty sure ll get back with a working example of how you can adapt your OSS project so that contributors can start hacking quickly.
  • Collaborative Modeling applied to avionic design: give wings to your team
    Working as a team using models has often been a hard problem and even sometime stopped the deployment of model driven approaches in companies. This talk is an in industrial feedback on leveraging Eclipse Modeling Technologies, EMF, CDO, and GMF to provide a seamless experience. It is based on operational deployment and should be taken seriously. Highly valuable in my opinion.
  • Building an in-house Eclipse support team
    What kind of problems do you run into when deploying Eclipse in the large ? How to support that ? Pascal is a great speaker and a skilled developer, I'm looking forward to his perspective about Ericsson's deployment - especially as a p2 guy.

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