Speakers' Corner - David Carver

David Carver - Real World: Tycho

1. How long have you been involved with Eclipse and how?
I've been involved as user of Eclipse since about 2005. Over the years I've been a community member, bug reporter, committer for Eclipse Web Tools, and helped create the XSL Editor. In addition I helped bring over the PsychoPath XPath 2.0 processor, and Vex XML Editor currently in the Mylyn Docs project. I have served on past program committees and am a member of the eclipse architecture council.

2. How are you using Tycho?
We are using tycho to build an OSGI cloud based product. It is used to create p2 repos, and product files, as well as to run unit tests and integration tests on our Continuous Integration servers.

3. When do you recommend people use Tycho?
It really depends on the situation. If you are just working with straight OSGI bundles, and doing Manifest first driven development, then Tycho is the way to go. Especially if you are dealing with P2 repositories. If however, you have a mixture, then there are other options that may suit your needs better. Like the Apache Felix's maven bnd plugin. There are ways to get to two to interact and my talk will discuss some of the ways to do this.

4. I understand you have cats, do they use Tycho? Why not?
No, the cats have no interest in Tycho...it doesn't scamper around enough, can't be shredded easily into many little tiny pieces, and doesn't have a laser pointer that can be chased. However, I suspect we could write a Maven plugin for the later functionality if we wanted.

5. What’s your favorite thing about EclipseCon?
The conversations you have with people in between sessions and in the evening hours. More gets accomplished in those few hours during the week than the rest of the year combined. EclipseCon is about the people in the community, the talks and sessions are added bonus.

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