A tools integration framework for Agile & Lean in a large scale enterprise

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Standard [35 minutes]

The Agile & Lean transformation plus the Open Source movement has caused an explosion of ALM tools in the industry. Large enterprises, such as Ericsson, are exposed to this disruption and have had to change by adopting an integration strategy. The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) initiative have proven to be a key foundation for tool integrations within Ericsson. It allows for a multi-supplier strategy - a framework for integration of commercial, open source as well as proprietary in-house tools. The Eclipse Lyo SDK for OSLC implementations, has also proven valuable.

Integration in the ALM landscape requires good understanding of the use cases for integration. Ericsson has taken a pragmatic approach where different techniques are used for different types of integrations. The value of integration must always be kept in mind. Concepts around integrations and platforms will be shown. It describes three basic types of integrations.

When scaling Agile & Lean in organizations where different tools are used for similar tasks poses a great challenge. An integration case between Ericsson bug and requiremnts management tools using OSLC and its use cases will be presented.

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