Runtime management with p2

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Standard [35 minutes]

Since 2008 Eclipse p2 has been THE provisioning platform for the complete Eclipse project. Several years later this hasn't changed, but p2 still hasn't found its way into the OSGi based servers out there. Examples of p2 adoption on the RT front are Eclipse Virgo and Eclipse Gyrex. One reason for the low adoption rates is certainly the high entry barrier. Eclipse IDE and the Tycho maven plugin provide sufficient tooling for authoring content into p2 repositories, however managing it in the scope of a server runtime is still hard. There isn't a single tool providing unified experience. Instead we have the p2 console commands and several repository inspection tool implementations.

Join to see how we managed to unify the p2 experience for our Virgo users and see how you can leverage that in your server runtime. It might even be the case that the same techniques are applicable in even wider context than what we can foresee today.

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