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Real World: Tycho

Session Type: 
Standard [35 minutes]

There are some differences when you use Tycho as part of a Corporate product. Not everything resides nicely into the Maven or Eclipse world. You have to deal with remote developers, dependencies that are not already OSGI bundles, and incomplete or non-existent OSGI bundle information from maven central.

This talk will discuss some of these challenges, and the various open source tools available to address these challenges. Topics will discuss:

* Managing and Releasing P2 repositories.
* Creating OSGI source bundles from maven central.
* How to create your own Orbit style repository and why.
* How to provide mirrors and aggregrated repositories. When are composite repositories useful.
* Easing upgrades of tycho based builds across multiple projects.
* Dealing with remote developers.
* Implementing Continuous Release and Delivery with P2.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
26 March 17:00 - 18:00


ALM Connect
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