packetC: CyberSecurity using EclipseIDE

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Standard [35 minutes]

packetC is a new C-based language for TCP/IP packet processing with an Eclipsed based CDT-derived IDE/Debugging environment. See for more information.

This talk will highlight some of the features of the packetC language while showing the features of the Eclipse based IDE called CloudShield PacketWorks. We will also have an interactive wireless demo of packetC packet processing in action using the free DPPM (Data Packet Processing Module) emulator available at the forum at

packetC provides scalable high-performance parallel processing, secure code, and network-centric processing while using familiar high-level language constructs. It is easy to learn for programmers who are familiar with C99 language used in business computing. The addition of strong typing along with new data types for database and search allow for simplified data analysis. The complexities of parallel programming associated with real-time packet processing are hidden from the programmer allowing them to concentrate more on the solution.

packetC’s IDE (CloudShield PacketWorks) has a full-featured Eclipse-based development environment, allowing developers to take best advantage of the powerful static type system. Programs written in packetC execute on the CloudShield line of hardware devices. CloudShield provides security solutions to service providers and national governments worldwide. The company's deep packet inspection platform and applications enable customers to inspect, analyze and control all network traffic.

dWiGhT Mulcahy is one of the designers of packetC and a co-author of packetC Programming ( by Peder Jungck, Ralph Duncan and Dwight Mulcahy. Ali Hosseini is a Senior Software Developer at CloudShield and is the designer and developer of the CloudShield PacketWorks IDE.

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