No Eclipse here - no Eclipse there - only Java

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Standard [35 minutes]

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to large parts of the Eclipse core framework from plain Java? Wouldn’t it be great to also use PDE when developing Java API’s instead of only JDT? Making the core part of your rich modular Eclipse based tool available in a Java only environment can be a bit tricky, but help is on the way.

In this talk I will demonstrate how we have “re-implemented” and used a subset of the Eclipse core framework that can run outside Eclipse and use Eclipse when running inside.

We are using this foundation when implementing our core API plug-ins which uses Eclipse extension points and OSGi class resolution among other things. These plug-ins are used throughout our product development flow in Java only system tests, Matlab (has a JVM) algorithm tests and Eclipse based system inspection applications.

It is our plan to make this solution public available along with some guiding on how to use it.

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