Mylyn Task Connectors, a new challenger has appeared!

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Standard [35 minutes]

After Bugzilla and Trac, have a look at the brand new Mylyn Task connector that will be contributed to the Eclipse Foundation! This connector will support Tuleap, a free and open source application lifecycle management suite.

With Tuleap trackers configurable from head to toe, you cannot even assume that your task will have a title or a status. The unique challenge of this connector is to manage this level of configurability.

The root of this talk is a return of experience of creating a brand new Mylyn Task connector. We will alternate the presentation of Tuleap trackers advanced features and how we manage to get it done in Mylyn Task. You will be able catch a glimpse of the internals of Mylyn Task and
you'll see how you can start building your very own connector for Mylyn by using the awesomeness of the Mylyn ecosystem.

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