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Modern UIs with JavaFX, OSGi, and e4 and the tooling provided by e(fx)clipse

Session Type: 
Standard [35 minutes]

Interested in a modern UI-Toolkit? If yes this session is for you!

We'll start with introducing you to JavaFX and the tooling you get for your favorite IDE and afterwards take a deep dive into all runtime technologies you get from the e(fx)clipse project.

Next we'll show you the integration into OSGi and how you can apply your e4 know-how to applications written with JavaFX instead of SWT.

We'll introduce demo applications like:

  • e4 multimedia app - showing animations, multi-media integration
  • simple ide - showing how to use JDT, Orion, OSGi and JavaFX

and discuss how those are implemented on top of technologies from various opensource projects (Eclipse Platform, Orion, e(fx)clipse).

Schedule info

Time slot: 
28 March 11:45 - 12:20


Eclipse 4
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