Model Evolution for Model Libraries

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Standard [35 minutes]

If you have a model library with evolving models, this is for you ...

Models evolve even in model libraries, quickly rendering these libraries point less. To overcome this, we created a seamlessly integrating feature (under EPL) supporting quality staged model evolution. Models are automatically checked against defects, smells, issues, and concerns and can be reviewed and discussed. At all time, the models are kept in one of three stages making explicit their status in terms of quality. Hence, it is always explicit to the user what design rationales lead to this model.
In this talk, the conceptual foundations will be presented in brief and the realization details will be discussed in greater detail. This means, the model stage cockpit will play a major role as well as the linking of model editor and model stage cockpit.

In a nutshell you get (to know):
* conceptual basis for model evolution in libraries
* model evolution cockpit (EPL)
* how to link the cockpit to your environment

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