How to hurd a flok of Eclipse cats

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Standard [35 minutes]

OpenShift is an opensource PaaS from Red Hat which is based on
bringing a lot of different technologies together from many opensource
ecosystems like Linux, Apache, JBoss, Node, MongoDB and more.

JBoss Tools provides Eclipse based tooling for OpenShift and in doing
so it also builds and extend on top on the Eclipse ecosystem. In this
talk we will demonstrate the tooling and how it was constructed.

The talk will cover how EGit is used to deploy applications, how m2e
provides easy import and setup of OpenShift Java applications, how
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) is used to provide a server adapter
that allows it to deploy not only Java applications but also PHP,
Node, and any other application framework that OpenShift supports.
We will cover how all this created something of a bigger value than the sum of the
individual parts, but also focus on some of challenges of making all
this play well together even though not all of the parts were actually designed
to coexist.

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