Java-Free Tool Integration With The External Tools Framework

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Standard [35 minutes]

Eclipse is built around the notion of an extension point, and many extensions are available for plugging additional tool functionality into the Eclipse framework. However, this integration typically requires the tool to be written in Java code that is supplied using a plug-in. Many tools already exist that users would like to access from the Eclipse framework, but integration would require that the tool be re-written in Java, something which may not be possible due to resource constraints, or simply because the developer wants their tool to remain independent of Eclipse. To overcome these issues, the Parallel Tools Platform project provides an External Tools Framework (ETFw) that enables existing tools to be integrated into Eclipse with little or no Java programming. This framework has recently be extended to use the Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) in order to allow the tool launch configuration user interface to be specified in XML. Combined with the ETFw Feedback view, it is now possible to contribute a complete tool workflow without resorting to any Java code. This talk provides an overview of integrating tools into Eclipse using ETFw, and provides examples of how the some commonly used tools, such as valgrind and TAU, can be integrated using the framework.

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