How Rational CLM is embracing a Continuous Deployment Pipeline

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Development of IBM Rational’s Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) offering is a rocky road, fraught with numerous technical challenges accompanied by limited human, machine, time resources. The end result at each release is a burnt out development and test community that was trying to pack in a feature-rich release while continuously attempting to achieve a 100% test coverage of an extremely large matrix of supported configurations. Since the team drinks its "own champagne", the frequent fallout of such an aggressive methodology are problems that show up in the self-host environment, that ought to have been discovered much earlier during system and complex testing phases.

To overcome such challenges, the team is developing a continuous deployment pipeline that automates common operational and testing tasks that begin with the creation of a build and end with a complex, multi-tiered enterprise self-host environment. As part of this effort, the team is trying to bring complex testing domains much closer to a developer thereby empowering them with capabilities of spinning up self-host like virtual environments with the click of a few buttons.

This session will discuss the team's journey towards a completely automated deployment model and its attempts at changing how our development and operations communities achieve the universal goal of producing and hosting a stable and a reliable product. Attend this session if you would like to learn from our experiences and successfully adopt them in your own environment.

Bio: Maneesh Mehra
Maneesh Mehra is an Automation Architect for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution at IBM Rational. Maneesh is an Advisory Software Engineer and has been with IBM for more than 12 years. In the past he has served as a developer on various product development teams including Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager and Rational Requirements Composer. He holds a Master of Science degree in Physics and another one in Information Systems from Northeastern University, Boston, MA. In his spare time, he likes to listen to Bollywood music, watch action/spy movies and cook for family and friends.

Bio: Scott Rich
Scott Rich is a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Lead for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution at IBM Rational. He was a founding member of the Jazz project, and the lead for the Jazz Foundation Project. Scott spent a year evangelizing Rational's vision with customers as the Chief Technical Officer for Rational in Northeast Europe. He is a member of the core team of the IBM Tools Development Council, and was previously development lead for Rational Application Developer. He has worked at IBM for 24 years, holding a number of technical positions in that time on VisualAge for Smalltalk and Java, WebSphere Studio, and now Rational’s team tools.

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