Focus and Flow: How Developers are Changing the Face of ALM

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Standard [35 minutes]

Software is everywhere, running everything. No matter what industry, a business’s ability to innovate is increasingly tied with its aptitude to build and release differentiating software. Software developers, the people responsible for this world changing software, are finally becoming the key influencers of the software lifecycle, making decisions about what tools they use, how they work and even what devices they work on. But if software is now so important to the business, its management may even be more critical. Empowering developers means taking a different look at ALM. It means adapting the organization and tool chain to the new breed of open source and developer-friendly tools. It means changing the ALM tool chain from a management-oriented process, single tool based model to something more complex. In this talk, we will describe how developers are transforming the ALM stack, what that means to management, and what all of the constituents in the software value chain need to know to keep up with the rapidly shifting landscape of software delivery. If successful, we have the opportunity to reach a nirvana state: allowing management oversight with developer freedom.

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