The Fat Client: The original cloud

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Standard [35 minutes]

Long, long ago, before cloud computing existed, we had client-server computing. With all its problems and limitations, it could do something we generally don't nowadays: Harness the power of clients. Sure, it won't amount to much if all the clients are smartphones, but often clients have lots of memory, many gigabytes of storage, and several processor cores that are just idling away. The cloud has given us scalability and reasonably cheap processing power, but also the realization that whatever you do on your cloud does cost money. Harnessing the 'client cloud' can save money, increase performance and the best thing is that the 'client cloud' scales with the number of users.

OSGi and Java put us in an interesting position: Java allows us to run an application on whatever platform we want, and OSGi allows us to decide that not only for an entire application, but also for every single part. In this talk we will look at how we can include the client runtimes into our cloud, and apply general cloud concepts for clients. We will have a high level look why we should (or shouldn't) perform certain tasks on clients.

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