Easy and advanced OSGi Web Admin

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Standard [35 minutes]

Virgo now comes with a new Admin Console which is surprisingly powerful and easy to use. It features a new graphical explorer to navigate around bundle and package dependencies, including those in an Equinox state dump, as well as service dependencies. The GUI parts even work on Internet Explorer 7 and up. It takes generic capabilities, requirements, regions, and subsystems in its stride. All this makes working with Virgo a breeze, but you can now use it on any OSGi runtime you like: it only needs a few (non-Virgo) dependencies to run. It runs on any HTTPService implementation or as a Web Application Bundle with no configuration required.

The best new feature is that you can extend it and add your own content to the console allowing it to manage your own runtime features. The programming model for extension is particularly straightforward consisting of a simple server-side API plus JavaScript (JQuery provided) in the browser. This API should appeal to Java developers who just want to add some management content without having to learn how to be a full blown web developer. After a tour of all the features, I'll demonstrate how to extend the console to add a custom admin panel.

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