DiffPlug - Version control for stuff that isn't code.

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Imagine that you combined Notepad++, WinMerge, and TortoiseSVN into one Eclipse application. Now imagine that you used the extensibility of the Eclipse platform to build the analog of Notepad++ and WinMerge for spreadsheets. And pictures. And word documents. This takes the workflow that we all take for granted, and makes it available to mechanical engineers, designers, and hordes of other knowledge workers who are currently suffering through a world of overwritten changes and mystery regressions.

The product that I described above is DiffPlug, and I want to show you what it does, and how it does it.

Another exciting thing about DiffPlug is that it dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for turning Java developers into Eclipse developers. DiffPlug provides a development environment that doesn't require any knowledge of OSGi or extension points, allowing developers to see the advantages of Eclipse-based development without first requiring them to invest in learning the ins and outs of the Eclipse platform.

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