DevOps and Fail-Safe Application Deployments

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Standard [35 minutes]

A single application release leads to several deployments across Development, QA, Staging and Production. In the last mile, production deployments often lag in clearing the final key hurdles because of a challenging disconnect between Dev and Ops teams. The ultimate goal of application deployment is getting applications to the customers to provide value. The last thing a developer wants is a deployment failure in production environments, which can mean missed deadlines, costly high-pressure troubleshooting, and customer dissatisfaction.

Does your deployment automation solution pro-actively reduce the likelihood and impact of production deployment failures?

This session will examine current challenges in deploying applications and will provide DevOps best practices. Topics covered will include: improvement of deployment consistency and repeatability, refining development processes to reduce errors and solving deployment challenges with new deployment technologies. Attendees will learn about technologies that enable run-time debugging & troubleshooting, setting success and failure deployment thresholds and defining recovery policies on failure to reduce the time to remediate failures.

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